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FreightWaves is a price reporting agency (PRA) focused on the global freight market and the leading provider of high-frequency data for the global supply chain. FreightWaves’ price, demand, and capacity data allow customers to benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast the global physical economy.

Without logistics, the supply chains that keep the global economy moving would cease to exist. Forty percent of the global economy is tied to logistics-dependent industries and there are millions of logistics firms that keep supply chains moving.

The professionals that manage these logistics networks are under constant pressure to monitor threats, manage costs, and keep supply chains liquid and predictable. Unfortunately, their operations face volatility created by changes in economic, regulatory, geo-political, and technological developments. Natural and man-made disasters can also wreak havoc on logistics operations.

Luckily, for the millions of supply chain professionals and organizations that are involved in this critical industry, FreightWaves provides near real-time information and forecasts on how these developments will impact the logistics market and participants. For logistics and supply chain professionals, FreightWaves is the fastest way to navigate the freight market.

The company is the world’s leading supply chain intelligence platform. More than one million professionals and 500+ global enterprises use FreightWaves intelligence to make informed decisions about their current and future supply chain operations.

FreightWaves provides supply chain organizations with fundamental data and context that help benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast activity, pricing and risks in the global freight market. Information and tools that FreightWaves offers the global logistics industry increase efficiency and profitability by driving more accurate pricing, higher utilization of assets and lower emissions.

FreightWaves’ flagship SaaS product, SONAR, offers billions of data points on the global logistics industry, updated daily. The platform is used throughout the industry, by capacity providers and organizations that contract with capacity providers, to make more informed and efficient decisions about how to route, manage and forecast their supply chains.

The company also offers information and informed context through the logistics industry’s largest media platform. The advertising-supported media business has a team of over 50 full-time journalists and analysts that deliver information through an online website, streaming TV product, and set of podcasts. FreightWaves media properties have more than one million unique visitors per month, in excess of 30,000 viewers per day on its streaming TV offering, and nearly 100,000 podcast downloads per month. In addition to FreightWaves-branded media products, the company owns American Shipper, a media outlet which serves global maritime and ocean trade audiences, and Modern Shipper, a media brand which provides content for supply chain executives involved in the direct-to-consumer retail industry.

FreightWaves is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a work-from-home first company. The company was founded in 2016 by Craig Fuller.

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